Meaningful learning experiences ignite student engagement and develop the skills and mindsets they need to thrive in the future

Is your professional learning helping teachers meet the challenge?

What Does Reimagining Education Look Like?

Educators care deeply about the future of their students. Educators build student engagement, ownership, and agency by integrating robust academic content with durable skills that are essential for students both now, and in a future that is continually being redefined. In a world that is rapidly changing, today’s students will be called upon to learn, unlearn, and relearn. Some key skills and mindsets that will help them to do so include:

Working and thinking together to solve complex problems and create innovative solutions

Being curious and creating meaningful questions

Demonstrating their learning in authentic ways and connecting with their communities

Learning how to learn through opportunities to adapt, persevere, and reflect

Why Does Reimagining Education Matter?

The most recent Future of Jobs report cites skills such as creative thinking, resilience, curiosity, and empathy among those most desired by employers.

Additionally, research shows that students who engage in deeper learning:

Demonstrate high levels of engagement, motivation, collaboration, and self-efficacy

Graduate from high school on time and at higher rates

Enroll in post-secondary institutions at higher rates

Score higher on state assessments and PISA

Why RealVue?

We are educators. We honor the work of educators and support them to hone and enhance their professional practice.

We believe that professional learning is collaborative and value shared experiences and expertise.

We focus on practical action steps, resources, and strategies that are derived from the most recent research.

We know that context matters and that professional learning is not “one size fits all.” We begin where you are in your journey, providing the support you need to continue to move forward.